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Fire protection system suppliers and manufacturers

BNB is one of the fire protection and fire separation products wholesalers in India that assures a long time functioning along with accuracy in its security systems. In security systems, accuracy is a crucial factor, and without it, no system can go for installation. After processing the system through a number of tests, it is dispatched to the respective location. It’s always better to expect the unexpected. When fire shoots up, detectors send signals to the alarm thus alerting everyone in the location.

Fire protection system: salient features

  • Fire extinguish without human intervention
  • Larger installation, as well as smaller installation, is possible
  • Must Detect, actuate, and deliver electrically or mechanically
  • To detect electrically, the fire protection system uses heat detectors that can restore automatically.
  • Shut down when they reach the threshold temperature.
  • Manual, as well as remote operation, is possible.

Bringing the advanced technology in our products, we continue to be the top fire protection systems and fire separation product wholesalers in India. Our massive growth and expansion to the corners of the country define our standards. so, we always to be best Fire protection system suppliers and manufacturers in India.

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