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Fire detection systems manufacturers and suppliers

BNB provides the best wireless fire alarm systems in India. The wide range of security solutions offered by BNB includes fire alarm systems, fire alarm detectors, wireless fire alarm system, physical security products, IT-infrastructure, software solutions, and entertainment systems. Evangelizing step-by-step, we became top-notch fire detection systems manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in India. The wide expansion made us deliver our services across geographies and domains. Over two decades of experience in the core of electronics, yet we never lost our perfection and commitment. It’s because of the team and vision we have set up.

Wireless fire alarm system: Mechanism

  • The lifespan of the fire detection system is up to 15 years.
  • Fire alarm control panel is called a system brain and makes quicker decisions
  • The detectors such as smoke and heat detectors send information to FACP and locate the exact location where the fire has arisen.
  • Soon after the location is known, the action is called by the fire alarm control panel.

The wireless fire alarm systems/detectors bring in the most-advanced and quality-driven services but there is a lack of consistency in few companies. BNB continues to strive through excellence by enhancing the satisfaction of the clients.

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