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Electronic currency counting devices and data safes in India

BNB is one of the leading suppliers of money counting machine and note counting machine, especially for banks. Currency counting machine is need of the hour in any business and data is secured as well. In a day, more than a million transactions take place and to count them; devices do it with less human efforts. Another insight is duplicate notes are easily identified with a currency counting machine. Human efforts to count the notes are a never-ending process and consume time. Electronic currency counting devices and data safes shot up to make the job effortless. BNB is serving many industries since it began its operations in security and automation solution.

Money/note counting machine: Technical aspects

  • A microprocessor scanner pulls the bills through it and keeps track of bills.
  • Pattern recognition within the device identifies the denominations.
  • The black light technology embedded in the machines detects counterfeit notes if any present in the overall notes.

In automatic teller machines, depositing machines, etc. currency counting devices are installed. The benefits for banking industry with counting machine are huge. BNB has made a way to remain as one of the top-most electronic currency counting devices and data safes in India.

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