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CCTV surveillance and central monitoring systems in India

BNB is one of the best CCTV surveillance and central monitoring systems providers in India. The team at BNB analyzes the market and later goes to brainstorm and plan action on the innovative idea. Closed circuit television is on the roofs of every industry. Safety and security became a top-priority before anything else. So, CCTV security cameras have spiked from last few years.

The cameras technical insights vary according to the type. Let’s consider an outdoor type camera here:

Technical details of outdoor type camera

  • Active pixels 704 x 576 at 25 flops per second.
  • Better sharpness
  • Automatic gain control
  • Minimum day sensitivity - 0.5 lux; Night - 0.05 lux mono
  • White balance mode: Auto and Fluorescent.
  • Shutter speeds - 1/60 to 1/100,00 & 1/50 to 1/100,00.
  • Zoom lens support.
  • Linux operating system ensures reliability.
  • Built-in firewall.
  • Must allow TCP, UDP and multicast connections.
  • The camera must have capped bitrate.
  • All types of detections with the perfect output.

On the way to excellence, BNB commits with boots on the ground thus becoming a benefactor to the country. Our efforts made us be the best CCTV surveillance system and central monitoring system suppliers in India.

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