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Access control system manufacturers in India

BNB Security and Automation made its pace in designing access control system thus joining the list of disruptive access control system manufacturers in India. The expert guidance in addition to innovative intelligence in the security systems is making us industry-dominant. Meanwhile, culture is another crucial aspect we focus on so that everyone brings out the quality-rich product. We connect with clients wholeheartedly which raised our standards. An iconic performance and disruptive execution are crucial aspects for any business to reach exemplary and it’s a practice at BNB.

Access control system models

  • Attribute-based: Access granted through attribute elevation by using the policies.
  • Discretionary: The person-in-charge decides to access to specific resources.
  • History-based: Access granted based on the history of activities performed.
  • Identity-based: Based on individual needs.
  • Mandatory: According to the level of trust, the mandatory model is followed by individuals.
  • Organization-based: Security policy is defined independently.
  • Role-based: Access granted based on job profile.
  • Rule-based: Allowing the persons to access the unit for a certain period.

Types access control systems

  • Security access control systems
  • Building access control systems
  • Physical access control systems

  • Every industry installs an access control system for security purpose. Our dealing with automation and security industry has defined us to be the finest access control system manufacturers in India.

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Access control system manufacturers in India